The Essential Mission

Mobilizing Catholics for the New Evangelization

Begins with prayerful consideration and study:  Remember, If we are not confident and well grounded in our faith how can we expect to attract others

  • This phase of the process should be attempted after the parish group has familiarized themselves with all the goals, strategies and recommendations.  
  • The next step involves using the spreadsheet found in this tab to log Evangelical activities already conducted in the Parish and take credit where credit is due.  
  • This also sets up the participants to determine how they might enhance or add to their efforts

Go and Make Disciples

136c: They should consider how to give their present ministry a clearer evangelizing focus: ask(ing) parish leadership, especially pastors who have a critical leadership role, to understand their ministry in terms of this plan  

136E Local, diocesan, and national organizations need to renew their own mission with a view to evangelization.

Goal Tracker