The Essential Mission
Mobilizing Catholics For the New Evangelization

The Bible Made Me Do It

Tim Staples

I find a good conversion story to be one of the best catalysts for my own Faith Journey.  It energizes my spiritual growth and offers me an opportunity to remember just how lucky I am to be a cradle catholic.  And this is a good conversion story.

Tim waits to the end of his presentation to give us his bottom line: “Get into your Faith”.  That bottom line is predictable after he takes us through his personal journey from devout Baptist youth to distracted teen who rejects his faith.  But along his way back to the faith of his family he is diverted from his intended path and the story takes an inspiring turn.

After his time alone wandering in the desert he charts a deliberate course that would lead him back to become a Pentecostal minister.   Along that path that went through the Marine Corp he found his way to the true faith.  During his time in the Marine Corps he studied apologetics to better understand the underpinnings of his beliefs and to better defend his beliefs.  Along the way  he actively undertook a secondary mission to lead Catholics away from their Faith.  That is until he met a passionate Catholic who was up to the task of defending his faith.

Tim met a Catholic named Matthew in the Marine Corps who knew his bible.  Thus began a two year duel of bible verses intended to defend each other’s positions regarding faith doctrines.  The back and forth interaction between Tim and Matthew causes the listener to envy their knowledge and acts as a catalyst to increase our own faith and grow in it.

One particular discussion about “Justification for Salvation” (the old argument of Faith alone versus Faith and Works being necessary for Salvation) reminds me that I need to constantly refresh the basic knowledge of my faith before I can expand upon that knowledge.  So, for you to do that I recommend a great web site hosted by Faith Media called: .  Don’t let the name fool you.  It will help remind us of the answers to questions like; 

How do you know there is a God?
What is our purpose in life?
Is our soul immortal?

The Cartoon Key to Heaven has an award winning video embedded that directly  answers question one.  And if the inserts interest you please contact us and we can provide a copy of the 52 page booklet for a modest price that would include shipping and handling.