Becoming The Best Version of Yourself

Matthew Kelly

Matthew Kelly draws the audience in with his Australian accent, unique wit, and presentation style.  His message in this CD proposes that the listener can only become happy doing the will of God and further acknowledges the “Genius” of the Catholic church.  Somewhere deep inside he insists we instinctively know that we’ll only be happy doing the will of God.  The world he says confuses us by saying his will is a mystery and we’ll never know his will.  

His opening the statement is that God wants us to be the best version of ourselves.  Not the second rate version of someone else or even a second rate version of ourselves.  Matthew Kelly refers to this statement as the “fundamental principle”.  He reminds us that we need simplicity not complexities in our lives.  His use of word pictures effectively drive home the point that the Catholic Church takes us on a journey to our strongest yearning; “Our desire for Happiness.”  In some cases he opines our desire for Happiness is so strong that we will find our way back to God.  He encourages us to spend some time in the Classroom of Silence.

When we turn away from the anxieties of daily living and towards the love of God we get a spiritual sense of our purpose and direction.  Every journey toward something is a journey away from something else.  Turning towards God and away from the anxieties of daily living is a deliberate act of love.  Internal love of God manifests itself as love of neighbor.  And the paradox is that the more love we give the more we receive in return.  

He identifies 4 aspects of life that we should nurture to lead a Happy life.  Those aspects are physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual.  He then gives us 4 resolutions that will change our lives.  As you can imagine those resolutions enhance each of the 4 aspects of life.  Read a book (Intellectual) he encourages us.  “Books change our lives and we become the stories we listen to or read”.

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