Seven Deadly Sins Seven Lively Virtues

Fr. Robert Barron

In his presentation on the seven deadly sins Fr. Barron places each of the deadly sins in juxtaposition to what he characterizes as the seven lively virtues.  He educates and instructs as he navigates through each deadly sin as described by Dante in his 14th century epic poem the Divine Comedy.

Fr. Barron opens by giving the listener his answer to the age old question “What is the meaning of life”?  His answer is “God does not need you”.   After getting your attention he goes on to explain some theological observations in terms the listener can understand. Love is willing the good of the other as Other.  And the more we give love the more we get back.

Fear is the root of all sin.  Fear causes us all to wrap ourselves in the pursuit of money, esteem and material goods which separate us from God.  When we pursue things of the earth we place barriers between ourselves and God who wants to free us from our bonds.  God tries to untie us from sin.

The opposite of Love is Fear.  

An example of his use of juxtaposition is provided in his discussion of sloth.  He defines sloth as “Lethargy from spiritual growth” or “Spiritual indifference”.  He uses the example of how the sin manifests itself in an individual skipping or avoiding attendance at mass.  The anecdote or Lively Virtue he suggests is “Zeal for the mission”.  What mission you ask………..if we don’t have a mission he suggests we seek a mission.  Maybe the Essential Mission is our mission.

This CD provides an in depth discussion of each deadly sin as well as an anecdote.  It furnishes a wonderful opportunity and invitation to perform an examination of conscience.  That examination reminds us that God wants us free; free from fear and free from sin.  Once we are free of sin we can concentrate on being a conduit of the love he so freely shows the faithful.  And as stated before; “The more we give love, the more we get back.